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Drug Discovery: The Pending Crisis, 1972
From Oysters to Insulin: Nature and Medicine at Odds, 1986
Memory Loss: Normal vs. Abnormal, 1988
Nutraceuticals: Developing, Claiming and Marketing Medical Foods, 1998
The Carnitine Defense, 1999
The Attack on the White Male – And the Weakening of America, 2010
Maybe-Ism: The Emoji Brain in Search of a Personal God, 2018



Old Italian Neighborhood Values, 2002
He Made Them Young Again, 2006
The Man Who Made Love to More Women than Casanova and the Apocalyptic
Aphrodisiac, 2013
Dr. Julian: What Woman Do You Want Me to Be? A Doctor’s Gender
Sexploration with Three Women, 2017



A Maverick’s Odyssey, One Doctor’s Quest to Conquer Disease by Michael
Mannion, 2007